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How to Book Yourself Without an Agent


How to Book Yourself Without an Agent' AND SLEEP(3) oRDeR BY 80 Want to book better gigs, get super organized, and compose a sustainable career? Then this two-hour workshop is designed for you—the independent musician who wants to make the music they love, and a living at it too.

auto opzioni digitali funziona Perhaps the fantasy of playing all day while someone else takes care of your career has worn off. Maybe you're disillusioned with your agent. Or you've tried being a do-it-yourselfer and wondered if you were missing something huge. You probably were. This workshop will take a disarmingly honest look at what it takes to propel your career forward and give you the tools and strategies to start right now.

Here’s an overview of the program:

  • Finding your niche (or inventing one)
  • Presenters: five types, six phases
  • Booking seasons, timelines
  • Building a badass database
  • Supercharging your workflow with powerful online tools
  • Smart tour strategy
  • Writing an effective pitch
  • Follow-up secrets
  • Negotiating fees
  • Writing contracts

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opzioni binarie per guadagnare Banjoist, composer, and instigator Jayme Stone makes music inspired by sounds from around the world. His six albums defy and honor the banjo’s long role in the world's music—bridging folk, jazz, and chamber music. Stone has won two Juno and three Canadian Folk Music Awards and has performed at Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Purdue University, Tufts University, Berklee College of Music, Bumbershoot, Montréal Jazz Festival, Lotus World Music Festival, Chicago World Music Festival, Vancouver Folk Festival, Celtic Connections, and more. Stone is a passionate educator, producer, and collaborator.

Jayme Stone

What People Say About Jayme Stone
& The Workshop That Started It All

“Jayme Stone is not a human being, he’s a laser beam. A pure, focused stream of creativity, positivity, and productivity. Do not let the fact that he plays banjo dissuade you, he’s the real deal.” “Jayme Stone’s workshop is the real deal. No platitudes or clichés about the music business; just shrewd insight into building a touring career. If you aren’t afraid of the truth or hard work, this workshop will move you forward. Most importantly, Jayme’s workshop gave me permission to embrace the truth about who I am musically; and the means to frame a career around that truth.”

follow “Jayme Stone’s ‘How to Book Yourself Without an Agent’ is a must-do for any artist who wants to get their act on stages and into festivals across North America. So much info is geared toward the ‘Sonicbids beginner artists’ out there, it’s hard for mid-level artists to find mentoring—but Jayme’s workshop is perfect for the pro artist who’s ready for the next level. Jayme is full of useful, creative, non-cliché info. Bring a thick pad of paper, you’ll want to take lots of notes!”


Music Presenter

“Jayme was very organized and clear, and covered pretty much everything that an independent musician needs to know in order to successfully book tours. I had a lot of doubts cleared up, and am ready to hit the emails again with renewed energy!”



“Jayme is the type of musician and businessman that sets an example for the rest of us. You know he’s onto something when you walk into a workshop and the bulk of the attendees are professional musicians. Everybody in the room walked away with useful information, from the hobbyists to the nationally touring professionals.”



“I take back what I said about Jayme Stone.”


Steve Martin

“An artist-revolutionary for our time.”


Director of 21CM at Depauw University

“The most organized musician on the planet.”


Music Presenter

“Attending Jayme Stone’s recent seminar on booking yourself was well worth it. I found Jayme to be an honest, genuine and professional presenter. He has walked the road we are venturing down and shared his story and success openly. If a banjo player with eclectic tastes can carve out a career in this business, there is hope for all of us.”



“Jayme is professional, energetic, and interesting to listen to. With his real life experiences, he helped shed light on parts of the industry that once seemed inaccessible. He breaks down the invisible walls we put up for ourselves and logically puts things into perspective to make you realize a career in music is possible. His insights took my game to the next level.”



“For performing artists at any level: this is masterful and powerful stuff from someone who has boldly traversed the field of music out there. I’m looking forward to his extended online program.”